I sincerely wish to thank you for taking your valuable time to visit with us here. Southland Surveying and Mapping, Inc., is a small woman-owned professional surveying and mapping business headquartered in the beautiful rolling hills and live oak tree covered rural area of north central Florida.  I invite you to please read on as I introduce our company.

Our origins date from 1972 when Wayne Dukes, senior PSM and founder of Southland Surveying and Mapping, Inc., began providing professional land surveying and mapping services to public and private sector clients across the north Florida and southeast Georgia areas. Wayne has a very broad range of experience including being the prevailing expert witness of record in a landmark Florida Supreme Court property boundary case (Seddon v Harpster, Lake Co., 1979), which has been widely discussed at attorney and surveyor seminars, and taught in continuing education courses.

From our beginnings Wayne (formerly Forest Engineer of a major Southeastern U.S. paper company, responsible for all boundary recovery and maintenance on 2 million acre land holdings), together with then partner Ben Blackburn (former President of Florida Society of Professional Land Surveyors), realized the importance of implementing new technology; becoming the first Florida purchasers of the renowned Wild T2/DI-10 Distomat electronic distance measuring system from Florida Level and Transit. The importance of technology was not overlooked in the office, either, where a Wang 720C computer/IBM Selectric handled COGO chores. That was in 1972!

Since the early 1990's GPS has been utilized on over 90 percent of all projects, once again demonstrating a recognition of and commitment to investing in technology. Today, a majority of our vast survey records archive of over 10,000 surveys are referenced to the state plane coordinate system for all surveys throughout the areas we have worked including within the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Virginia.

In 2000, Wayne, along with a group of partners formed GeoTec Services, Inc., a 50 person surveying and mapping firm. With GeoTec, investments were made in ESRI's ArcGIS system, and all or part of the official county GIS base parcel mapping layer was furnished for 6 Florida counties. As the national economy began to slow and GeoTec was closed, in 2006 he formed Southland Surveying and Mapping, Inc.

Today,  Southland Surveying and Mapping, Inc., continues to recognize the importance of investing in new technology having added the capabilities of 3D laser scanning, and 1 second robotic equipment. So, whether your project requires traditional Land Surveying & Mapping Services or the Science of Geomatics, we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to complete your projects efficiently and your mapping submittals drawn to the highest professional standards of excellence.

Debra Browning